Creative Fitness Consulting is as much about fitness & wellness as it is creativity & energy. Our mission is one of inclusion, helping promote being active and the benefits of a balanced fitness and wellness routine.

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A private class or a retreat... a new certification or renew CEU credits... fitness class or wellness session... bootcamp or Iyengar yoga... SKY IS THE LIMIT - Create your personalized program or try one of our SIGNATURE EVENTS.

YARDI FITNESS - CFC takes fitness & wellness up a notch by bringing you out of a "room" and into "nature's gym"

  • bootcamp in the Royal Palm Reserves
  • hold side planks in the Mayfields Water Falls
  • plyometrics below Negril's most western lighthouse on a cliff

FLEX BEYOND - Restore your mind, body and soul with a combination of yoga, pilates, meditation and spiritual guidance

  • meditate under a Jamaican sky filled with stars
  • stand in SUN GOD pose on Negril's famous white sand beach
  • let your body float in the azure Caribbean sea while your mind drifts up to the cloudless blue skies

HEALTHY LIVING - An all encompassing event, which includes certification programs and master classes.

  • get CEU credits in Jamaica's playground
  • become a certified instructor during a focussed and shorter time period
  • take classes with amazing master fitness instructors, gurus, wellness councillors and fitness educators